Giggin’ Through The Fall of 2010


Just back off the road with Kathleen and our two dogs. We called it the “EMPTY NESTERS TOUR”. Twenty six gigs in five weeks. In an RV. Which I drove. That’s right. Lewis & Clark with DirecTV. Onward we pioneered from the Midwest to the East Coast – to The Barns at Wolf Trap to City Winery in NYC to Club Passim in Boston – on up to Maine…

…back down to Connecticut. Sleeping in Truck Stops and more than our share of Walmarts, we slid South and played both Carolinas, Atlanta, St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, then on to Aspen, back to Denver – tired yet? – up to Sioux Falls, Fargo, on our way to play Duluth, Minnesota we stopped to say hello to our friend Paul…

…then kept playing our way to Chippewa Falls & Stoughton Wisconsin, until we finally arrived back home in Michigan.

Two days later, we jumped on a plane and flew to Alaska for three dates! A Glutton For Gigs! Played a Sold Out House at the Blue Loon in Fairbanks. Loved that place. Full of great people, ready to have an even greater time.

Okay, so it was -21 degrees, but hey? As hard core Alaskans say, “Cold? -40 below, now that’s cold!” And, I am happy to report, all the Sarah Palin jokes worked.

Next, we traveled to Talkeetna to play Latitude 62. Located at the base of Mt. McKinley…

…this was another great Yukon venue and another sell out – 50 people strong and we were packed to the rafters! One of the great gigs ever. Cool crowd, ready to laugh & willing to listen, and the Reindeer Sausage was excellent.

Then down to Anchorage and home. All in all, a great way to spend the Fall. Have guitar, will travel.

Jeff Daniels
November 25, 2010


About Official Jeff Daniels

It has been brought to my attention that someone like you might want to know what someone like me is doing, why I did it, and how I feel about it after I'm done doing it. "People want to know about stuff like that?" I said. "Can't get enough of it," they said. "What about when I'm not doing anything?" "Especially when you're not doing anything," they said. "What do people like me do?" "Twitter and tweet." "I don't twitter and I can't bring myself to tweet," I said. "So write a blog." "Can I write a blog about how much I hate twittering tweets?" So, when inspiration strikes, when I'm compelled to express myself, or when I happen to think of something that is better shared, I'll blog it for those who want to know. Beats twittering a tweet --- Jeff Daniels
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