Another New Year’s Eve

It’s amazing how the older one gets, the more gratifying life can be. Maybe that comes with age. Or experience. Or could it be Wise Old Wisdom setting in? Who knows. Who cares. We’re still here, right? Isn’t that an accomplishment in and of itself? Are you one of those who can honestly say, based on some random, no-fault-of-your-own past event in your life, “I’m lucky to be here?” Then, okay. You dodged a bullet. Or several. And what could have happened, didn’t, and what happened instead is this. Us. Now. Today.

I know, I know, this late-in-life reflection, looking back and liking more of what transpired on my behalf than not, it’s supposed to be about the ups and the downs. The hills and valleys of any life lived – the more hills climbed and mountains conquered, the better – makes it all worthwhile in the end. We all want to have contributed. Mattered. Despite the new global narcissism, a compassionless monetary divinity, not to mention 75 zillion people on this planet all vying for their own piece of what’s left of this pie of ours – despite all that, we make what we can out of Life even though, at times, for some, for most, it is Life that makes us. Maybe that’s why, looking back – just for the moment, I’m hardly done yet, at least I hope not, unless you know something I don’t, why, what have you heard? – when I do get a good hand to play, be it by Fate (maybe), some Almighty Being (y’know, kinda like Paul Bunyan only without the axe), or Destiny (sure, why not)…well, it sure as hell beats the alternative.

The They-ers say, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” Optimistically cynical or cynically optimistic? All I know is we have come upon another New Year’s Eve. Rumor is 2012 might be better. Either way, may as well enjoy the transition, right? I mean, really, we’ve come all this way. You, me, along with everyone else. What the hell? Please, after you. Really? Are you sure? You’re too kind. Don’t mind if I do.

December 31, 2011


About Official Jeff Daniels

It has been brought to my attention that someone like you might want to know what someone like me is doing, why I did it, and how I feel about it after I'm done doing it. "People want to know about stuff like that?" I said. "Can't get enough of it," they said. "What about when I'm not doing anything?" "Especially when you're not doing anything," they said. "What do people like me do?" "Twitter and tweet." "I don't twitter and I can't bring myself to tweet," I said. "So write a blog." "Can I write a blog about how much I hate twittering tweets?" So, when inspiration strikes, when I'm compelled to express myself, or when I happen to think of something that is better shared, I'll blog it for those who want to know. Beats twittering a tweet --- Jeff Daniels
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