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It has been brought to my attention that someone like you might want to know what someone like me is doing, why I did it, and how I feel about it after I'm done doing it. "People want to know about stuff like that?" I said. "Can't get enough of it," they said. "What about when I'm not doing anything?" "Especially when you're not doing anything," they said. "What do people like me do?" "Twitter and tweet." "I don't twitter and I can't bring myself to tweet," I said. "So write a blog." "Can I write a blog about how much I hate twittering tweets?" So, when inspiration strikes, when I'm compelled to express myself, or when I happen to think of something that is better shared, I'll blog it for those who want to know. Beats twittering a tweet --- Jeff Daniels

Another New Year’s Eve

It’s amazing how the older one gets, the more gratifying life can be. Maybe that comes with age. Or experience. Or could it be Wise Old Wisdom setting in? Who knows. Who cares. We’re still here, right? Isn’t that an … Continue reading

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LANFORD WILSON (1937 – 2011)

At the Purple Rose Theatre Company, Chelsea, MI. January, 2001. Photo by Danna Segrest. Lanford Wilson loved his words. He wrote in a way that showed us who we are, why we are, and where we’re headed whether we like … Continue reading

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LYLE LOVETT, JOHN HIATT, AND SURPRISE GUEST JEFF DANIELS OFFER MEMORABLE SHOW MONDAY AT THE MICHIGAN Concert Review By Roger LeLievre Entertainment Writer, January 31, 2011 Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt are a musical marriage that seems meant to be. … Continue reading

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Q&A with Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels Talks About Playing The Purple Rose, His New CD “Keep It Right Here”, and How To Dance Like You’re From The Upper Peninsula December 29, 2010 L to R: Brad Phillips, JD (clapping on the 1 & 3), … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Keep It Right Here”

New Album Available Here The beauty of the Internet – and its curse – is that anyone can do anything. I’m not sure what’s happening to the Music Business and have no clue what the Movie Business thinks it’s doing, … Continue reading

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Radio Show and Interview

Recently did an interview for a radio show down at Smith’s Olde Bar in Georgia. Listen here.

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Giggin’ Through The Fall of 2010

“GIGGIN’ THROUGH THE FALL OF 2010” Just back off the road with Kathleen and our two dogs. We called it the “EMPTY NESTERS TOUR”. Twenty six gigs in five weeks. In an RV. Which I drove. That’s right. Lewis & … Continue reading

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